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The Most Popular 5 Types Food Kiosk in Mall - Mall Kiosks

candy kiosk in mall

When you want to start a food business in a mall, many small businesses you can start with, here are the most popular food kiosk business ideas with generous profit.

Coffee Kiosk

Here below is a nice coffee kiosk design for indoor space. dark brown coffee color with a wooden grain to create a unique ancient atmosphere, while the white Corian stone lines and granite countertop offer a clean and eye-catching design to the visitors. if you are pass by , you will definitely be absorbed with the nice coffee and stop to buy one cup.

coffee kiosk

Crepe Kiosk

Crepe and bubble waffles are very hot and popular snacks in every shopping mall, starting a crepe kiosk in the mall can not only take you great customer group but will also bring you juiceful profit.

crepe kiosk

Ice Cream Kiosk

If you are looking for an easy start food business that can be operated both indoor and outdoor, then start an ice cream shop is a smart idea. Ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt and milkshake are the most popular and favorite food among the young. you will have great potentional customer .

ice cream kiosk

Candy Kiosk

candy retail in the mall is also a hot and profitable food business. Instead of catalog candy into the food business, it’s more like a retail business, packed chocolates, sweet candy, pix, and mix candy are the most popular products in a shopping center, especially near a cinema or the entrance of the mall, starting a candy retail booth in the mall also perfect ideas for new starts.

candy kiosk in mall

Bubble tea kiosk

what the most popular food-beverage business in malls in recent years? the answer is bubble tea,  starting a bubble tea kiosk in the mall you can offer great bubble tea or fruit tea to your customers, as long as you have a good location, a bubble tea kiosk will just like a money-making machine, customer will wait a long queue to buy you drinks.

bubble tea kiosk




Posted On 24 Feb , 2021